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A Fish Called Mercy
Breonus M. Mitchell Sr.


In this book, Pastor Breonus M. Mitchell Sr. empowers and encourages those who know the peril and pain of intentional disobedience to God. Join him on an expository journey through the small prophetic book of Jonah, as he encourages us to experience the mercy of God even in the most demeaning and difficult places. This place in your life is not for your demise. It is just a place in which God provides a detour to direct you back to His will. That is Jonah’s testimony. That is his story. While others would have found the belly of the fish the most undesirable place – it was a place of provision and protection. It was a place of prayer and praise. God provided mercy for Jonah in the form of a fish . . . a fish he likes to call - Mercy.

Oxford Sermons Vol. III
Various Contributors, Breonus M Mitchell Sr.

This book is the third volume of sermons produced by ministers from all over the United States who attended the Proclaimers Place seminar hosted at Regent's Park College, Oxford University. The 18 proclaimers presenting these sermons do so in their own voices and with their own individual approaches to preaching.

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