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Date Night

My wife and I have made Date Night a priority to the extent that we take turns each week scheduling date night. It's on our calendar. And, when our schedules make it unable for us to regularly plan dinner or activity, we have the responsibility to reschedule it that same week on another night. The bottom line, date night is essential and a priority for our marriage.

Why is Date Night important? It is crucial because Jacquita and I cannot sustain and maintain a level of intimacy and connectivity without intentionally making time for each other. Just as we cannot have a healthy and growing faith walk without prayer and studying scripture, we cannot have a healthy marriage without intentional time for fun and intimacy.

What are the rules for Date Night? The rules for Date Night are simple.

  1. Make Date Night special. When we make the Date Night special, it means being creative and intentional about making Date Night a special event each week for the two of you. Here is the point, Date Night is not just another time to get away from the kids and the issues of life; it is a time for the two of you to keep the fire burning. It is a beautiful opportunity for the two of you to find new hobbies and do something outside of your comfort zone.

  2. Make Date Night sequestered. You probably have only heard that word in the context of a jury being sequestered. When a jury is sequestered, they are isolated from the rest of the world so that they are not influenced as they deliberate the facts. Sequestering Date Night means disconnecting from everything except your spouse. Yep! Leave your phones in the car. Or, do not yield to the temptation to scroll and read the latest post on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, or those other social media platforms. It is not checking the email until the following day. It is intentionally unplugging from everything around you so that you can deliberately plug into your spouse. You want good advice, let your family, friends, and children know that you are going on a date and only in a case of an emergency should you be texted or called. If they do not respect your Date Night, they do not respect your relationship. Nothing is ruder than to be engrossed on social media or in a text or conversation with someone when this time is set aside for your spouse.

  3. Make Date Night silly. Keep the conversations funny and silly. This is not the time to discuss issues, bills, and strategies. This is the time to have fun. So, have fun. Avoid conversations that are aggressive and combative. Choose casual conversations.

  4. Make Date Night sensual. This does not mean that every Date Night includes sex. But, it does mean that Date Night involves holding hands, kissing, hugging, and enjoying the presence of each other

If you want to experience an incredible marriage in 2022, make Date Night a priority and not an option.

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