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Finding God

How are you handling this season of your life?

This was a question posed to me that I could not answer. While we each know that life has its share of defining moments, the truth is that few Christians are equipped to stay the course when the waters of life are turbulent. This includes me.

I am always encouraged by the lesson provided by us from the life of our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 26:36-46. Jesus is experiencing a very turbulent and trying time as He approaches the Garden of Gethsemane. What do you do when you have seemingly run out of things to do?

First, we must part from distractions. There are often times when we cannot hear the inner voice because we are distracted by outer voices. This may include a time apart from Facebook, Twitter, Social Cam, InstaGram, emails, text messages and anything else that may distract you from hearing the voice of God. Secondly, we must have a period of disengagement. We must commit ourselves to a season of disengagement. This means allowing the world to go on for a while without you. Call it what you will – retreat, sabbatical, vacation, etc. – the point is that you must find time away from the noise. Thirdly, we must make prayer our duty. If you are like me, you are a person that prays. But, what God wants most of us is to be people of prayer and not people that pray.

If for just one day of the week, one week of the month or one month out of the year – find time to find God. And you will find Him most when you search within.

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