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Labels and Lids

Last evening after dinner my wife encouraged me. In this season she needs all the encouragement I can muster. However, she encouraged me. I had a normal busy day on Monday. I ended the day with an afternoon lunch with a newly installed pastor in our city. My wife’s words of encouragement were to remind me of my value and worth. She said: “You have so much to offer and there are individuals that need you.”

We live in a world that seeks to place labels and lids on us. Labels define and describe our value and lids can restrain or release our potential. Jesus often ministered to individuals who were damaged by either – a label or a lid. Are there labels that have damaged you? Are there individuals, insecurities or feelings of inferiority that are keeping the lid on your potential?

I am living this season of my life not being defined by any negative labels or lids and neither allowing ministry nor myself to restrain my potential. Allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you reminding you that you have been fearfully and wonderfully made and that God has a purpose for your life. This is a good time to begin to release untapped energy.

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