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Listening To Sermons

Yesterday, we celebrated and honored mothers, those who have been given the responsibility and privilege to birth and nurture children. At our church, we focused our attention on two mothers who passed away last month. They both left behind a child which yesterday we took the responsibility of establishing college funds. One died due to complications from Diabetes Type 1 and the other was a victim of domestic violence. It was an incredible worship.

I write this blog reflecting on a tweet I received regarding the message. The message was entitled “You Have Not Been Forgotten” from 2 Samuel 14:27, with the context being 2 Samuel 13. The message focused on the rape of Tamar and our responsibility to not overlook those within our congregation who have experienced the same injustice at the hands of those within their own house.

However, the tweet I received highlighted not the message in itself, but perhaps a misinterpreted response by an individual. The issue is not about the tweet, because I know the sincerity of the individual. But, it is perhaps to the individual who relayed that information.

How do we listen to sermons? Do we often miss the message by becoming sidetracked by thoughts and individuals that redirect our attention. We are taught in scripture that “faith comes by hearing and hearing from the Word of God.” Like CNN, FOX, MSNBC, we miss the entire meaning of the message from a thirty second sound bite.

Sermons are prayerfully crafted and take hours to prepare to accomplish a specific purpose – to create and cultivate faith in the heart of the listener and to challenge and convince the listener to physically address some social or spiritual issue.

During the message, might we focus solely on what God is saying to us, than the response of others.

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