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“The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the soul of the diligent is made fat.”Proverbs 13:4

Life gets better only for those that make up their minds to do something different. I am suggesting that you have the responsibility to take advantage and seize the moment whenever windows of opportunity are within your reach. While the promises of God are to those who cannot help themselves; moreover and throughout scripture, the promises of God are to those that are trying to help themselves. The women with the issue of blood pressed her way through the crowd. At the tomb of Lazarus, the stone had to be rolled away. Andrew brought the lunch to Jesus in order that the multitude might be fed. The tragedy of most individuals is that we have the spirit of laziness, excuse, and procrastination. However, “Opportunities of a lifetime must be seized during the lifetime of the opportunity” because nothing just happens.

Are you the individual who continues to make excuses in the place of taking action? If you are, how is that working? Here is the truth, if what you having been doing has only given you the results you have been getting, then why are you still doing what you have been doing? Quit making excuses and choose to do something different.

It is easy to complain. It is easy to be critical.What doesn't come easy is to choose to do something different. Instead of making wishfully wanting your marriage to change, you could be intentional by sending intimate text messages, buying a card, or being consistent with date night. Instead of hoping for a financial breakthrough, you could begin to trust God by tithing and living on a budget. Instead of seeing your health continue to face issues after issues, you could change your eating habits and exercise.

Here is the point, stop making excuses and do something different. It isn't just going to happen. You have to be intentional about making it happen.

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