The Heart of a Great Pastor

I have been reading the past week the works of H.B. London Jr and Neil B. Wiseman The Heart of a Great Pastor: How to Grow Strong and Thrive Wherever God Has Planted You. If you are frustrated where God has planted you to serve or become discouraged by the fruit of your ministry, this is a must-read.

After serving my current pastorate the past sixteen years, I know the thoughts of looking for greener pastures. Especially in this competitive church context. We see our friends progressing despite indiscretions and erroneous theological interpretations. We can become so focused on other things that we miss the main thing: Go ye therefore! 

I hope and pray that as the new year approaches, we will prayerfully consider how our own congregations can “go ye therefore.” Remember, the mission of the church is to live and bring transformation in the communities in which it worships. 


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