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The POTUS vs The Pastor

The news and all social media networks are overwhelmed with the current position of the POTUS on same sex marriages. Even I, myself, just last night was enthralled in a twitter conversation on the issue.

Obviously, all Christians would agree the Bible is clear on the issue. However, all Christians would agree that God has no hierarchy for sin. For the Christian, the issue is not sin, the issue is selection. Those who are using this platform to call America to repentance and calling Christians to take a stand should also consider other issues. For example, while this administration does have policies that are oppositional for Christians; where do we stand on the doctrine of Mormons or positions of Athiest, and others who do not believe that Jesus was the only begotten son of God and is Lord? Or consider this, where do we stand on laws that are racially bias. Why have Christians not taken a strong position on the building of prisons. The fact is that Jesus was not selective on the positions He took. We should not be either.

The point, however, that must be considered, is that no POTUS is a theologian in residence or a Senior Pastor. The church should continue is mission to make disciples and be the voice of those who have been victimized by the uncanny laws and legalism of our country.

Here is my point…. I not only, if I am really a CHRISTIAN, could vote for our current POTUS because of several policies that contradict the Bible. But, I could not vote either for an individual who has another testament beside the Bible and another prophet who is equal to Christ as their Lord.

So, if we are going to stand on the Bible, then what is the next step for us to remove, replace, and rectify every sect, law, religion, and organization whose doctrine, creeds or intent are not Christian?

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