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Travon & Zimmerman – Tim & Zack

Dr. Renitta Weems-Espinosa emailed me a linkc of Dr. Otis Moss III’s response to last weeks drama regarding the personal opinion of the POTUS regarding same-sex marriage. I must admit. Dr. Moss is without question one of the brightest minds and frontrunners for issues of social justice. While he is a brother and friend, he is unapologetically a leader on issues that face all.

After watching his response, this thought did cross my mind. As a minister, I should be very wise in the words I choose and the public positions I take. This is in regards to a dear friend who made the statement that “the POTUS owes the black church an explanation.” You cannot travel the country attacking policies, programs, and people that promote circumstances, environments and laws that are biased and injustice while at the same time being a promoter for the same circumstances, environments and laws that accomplish the same results for others.

My point is not about the same-sex marriage debate. I am definitely out of that ring and have moved on to address the issues that plague my congregation and community such as unemployment, the doubling of the interest rate on student loans, gang violence, single parenting, and mass incarceration. Honestly, last weeks circus has little to do with the issues that my congregation and community are facing.

My point, however, is that you cannot talk about justice and equality regarding Travon & Zimmerman case and then sagaciously suggest that justice and equality doesn’t apply for Tim & Zack. The lesson, preachers might be better at remaining in the pulpit and out of courtrooms if they are not going to allow the justice system and legal system to be “blind.”

I am going to stick to the business of preaching the word of God and unapologetically addressing issues that plague and pain the people God has called me to serve.

How about next Sunday, we leave hoodies, skittles and bottles of tea at home and bring the Bible to church.

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